The Beauty of an Ancient Tradition in Toraja

The Beauty of an Ancient Tradition in Toraja - Go Rammang Rammang

Sulawesi is one the biggest islands in Indonesia, situated on the center of the archipelago. This island offer a beaches, lush rainforestsan, nature and exciting mix of unique culture. One of the most popular destination for unique ethnic culture is Toraja.

Far from annoying noises of modern cities, Toraja offers magnificent, spectacular mother nature. Located in the northtern highlands of South Sulawesi province. Toraja is divided into two main regencies, Tana Toraja, with its capital at Makale and North Toraja, centred around the capital at Rantepao. The distance from Rammang-Rammang to Toraja is about 6-8 hours can through by car or bus. From Makassar you can continue your journey by land route to the closest point of Toraja, namely Palopo.

Toraja is home to beliefs and customs belonging to a different time, especially well known for their mixture of animistic and Christian belief. Although have converted to Christianity, Toraja people still faithfully follow ancient traditions especially its funerals rites which become large communal gatherings, and for visitors, an unforgettable experience of a rare.

Toraja is known as the "land above the clouds". Blessed with magnificent fertile landscapes of steep mountains and deep valleys cut by rushing rivers. The land in Toraja is like a tropical take on the European Alps, draped in a warm equatorial blanket of emerald green palm trees and plantations, this is one of the few places in the world where tropical palms grow next to pine trees.

Toraja also produces the renowned aromatic Toraja Coffee, where tourists can trek through the plantation and watch coffee being prepared for brewing. You can of course taste this and bring home a packet.

Toraja truly offers the ultimate experience ones can only dream of. Tourist not only enjoy the traditional ceremony and social life of the Toraja tribe, When you visit the Lemo area, you can see the graves hanging on walls which is special graves for nobles. In Toraja there is a traditional perform ceremony to honor people who died and slaughtering buffaloes and pigs. The death ceremony known as Rambu Solo. Toraja welcomes you to spectacular wonders inland, unique traditions and the ultimate experience once in a lifetime.

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