Makassar "The Largest City in Eastern Indonesia"


The city of Makassar is the largest city in the eastern part of Indonesia and is therefore the trading center and airline hub that connects the western Indonesian islands with the eastern islands of the archipelago.

Makassar is the largest city in eastern Indonesia and the capital city of South Sulawesi province. Also known as Ujung Pandang, Makassar is one of Indonesia's greatest port cities that is definitely a trip worth taking. The metropolis is one of Indonesia’s greatest ports and an epicenter of shipping and commerce. Exports from Makassar include cocoa, coffee, palm oil, cashews, timber and other forest products, as well as products of the region’s fisheries.

This city is such a big city with numbers or diversities, relating the tribes who live in Makassar, like Makassar people, Bugis, Toraja, Mandar, and Tionghoa. South Sulawesi is an area with a very diverse landscape and many great natural attractions for tourism, historical stories, special culinary from Makassar attract for tourist to enjoy they trip when in Makassar.

Makassar has several famous traditional foods. Makassar Culinary Specialties are :

1. Coto Makassar
This is the most famous dish come from this city. Coto Makassar is rich stew made from the mixture of nuts and spices with beef parts which include beef brain, tongue and intestine. This delicious hot steamy bowl of soup is served best with a plate of warm fluffy rice.

2. Konro Bakar (Grilled Ribs)
For all meat lovers this is always favorite all the time. Konro Bakar, or grilled ribs, is served in two ways, either as a soup or simply grilled with, certainly, a plate of warm rice and condiments to your liking.

3. Sop Saudara
You should try this soup. This soup is famous crispy and beef shank meat that can make you complacent because of its deliciousness.

4. Pisang Epe
Makassar is the home of pisang epe. This is Makassar’s special dessert. These are bananas which are pressed, grilled, and covered with palm sugar sauce and sometimes eaten with Durian.

5. Es Pisang Ijo (Ice Green Banana Rolls)
This is another dessert with bananas as it's main ingredient. The bananas are wrapped inside green dough made from bananas, pandan and coconut milk. They are then sliced and served in a bowl of crushed ice, syrup and coconut milk.

Don't forget to try all kinds of seafood, Makassar is the place to fill your tummy with a wealth of seafood. All freshly caught at sea. These are found in many places in Makassar.

Makassar has lots of tourism destinations, we've summed up some of the best places for you to spend your money below :

Fort Rotterdam is a 17th-century fort in Makassar on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is a Dutch fort built on top of an existing fort of the Gowa Kingdom. For those of you who like historical tourism you can visit Fort Rotterdam.

Losari Beach is the icon of Makassar city. It used to title as the beach with longest desk in Indonesia, probably the world. It because there are many food stalls were line up along the beach shore. Many street vendors sell pisang epe, especially around the area of Losari beach.

Samalona Island is a small island. Samalona Island has a beach with white sand and the sea water that is pure blue. The distance is about seven kilometers from the city of Makassar.

Makassar is the Gateway to East Indonesia, as well as the entry point to an adventurous tour to :

Tana Toraja highlands, Tana Toraja is a special place located around 328 km or 8 hours ride from Makassar city center. A highland area rich with culture and tradition revolving around the afterlife.

Another highland area that is hard to miss is a visit to the Malino. Located about 65 km from Makassar, the cool fresh mountain air of Malino very soothing relieve.

Rammang-Rammang is a part of the large karst mountain area. This place has many wonderful spots that you probably cannot find anywhere else. There are also caves with interesting rocks formation and traces of prehistoric murals included in this area. Located in Maros, Salenrang Village, South Sulawesi Province, or about 40 km north of Makassar City or 2-3 hours ride from Makassar City center.

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