Customs & Manners

Customs & Manners - Go Rammang Rammang

People in Rammang-Rammang are very friendly and understand if you come from other countries or regions that have different cultures. But when you first arrive, it will be better if you know the habits of the local people. So you can enjoy your trip.

Here are some things to keep in mind :

Introducing can melt the atmosphere to be more relaxed because we already know each other.

Thank You
Thank you is a simple expression but has a big meaning. That simple sentence has a positive impact on the social environment which means respecting each other despite different nationalities, religions, ethnicities and cultures.

smile is one of the characteristics of Indonesia people. Indonesian people are famous for their friendly nature and easy smile. Indonesia still has a general culture that cannot be separated from traditional customs. Habits that are practiced from generation to generation, one of which is the culture of smiles.

Right Hand
The population in Rammang-Rammang is mostly Muslim. In Islamic beliefs, the left hand is considered inappropriate for receiving something, giving up something, eating, and pointing. It would be more polite if you use your right hand.

Touching Head
It is considered impolite, especially to someone who is older than you, don't do it.

Bargaining is something that is commonly done. Sellers will not give high price. Try to be generous, because the cost compared to your country may be much lower.

Take Off Your Shoes
Please take off your shoes before entering house because it is considered to have no manners if you wear shoes in the house.

Taste The Dish
If you visit to the local people house and the owner serves drinks or food, you should try even a little, or if you have food allergies, are vegetarian, or can't eat certain types of animals, tell the owner. They will understand.

Avoid eating, drinking, and smoking in public places during Ramadan to appreciate Muslims.

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