Padang Ammarung

Padang Ammarung is located in Berua Village and the best place to view the amazing landscape of Berua Village and Karst Mountain at the top. Ammarung means sound, the name of Padang Ammarung is taken from the sound of water that split Padang Ammarung in the rainy season. To reach Padang Ammarung you can follow the sign in the Berua Village, just follow the paddie field and climb a small hill.

There are many huts in Padang Ammarung, the owner of hut is selling a snack and drink. So you can order while enjoying the amazing landscape. The hut is also rent for stay overnight. You can feel the sensation of staying overnight in the natural atmosphere. If you visit at the night, sometimes lots of fireflies fly around in this area.

Notes :
By buying snack and drink, You are help the economy of the local people in Berua Village. So take your time for a moment to grab some snack and drink.

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