Bidadari Lake

Bidadari's Lake is flanked by a wall of karst with high approximately 5-6 meters. The water is very clear, we can see clearly the bottom of the lake and the color is blue. The water comes from natural springs and around on the walls is hanging a tree roots.

Bidadari means angels. This lake is called Bidadari because story by local people, is a place for bathing and gathering of angels who come down from the sky. Besides that the water in Bidadari Lake actually have a more volume during summer than rainy.

To reach the lake you can stop in the middle of trip on Pute River. There is a small pier with the words sign "Dermaga Telaga Bidadari (Bidadari Lake Pier)".

From the pier you have to walk approximately 1 km. After arrive in Bidadari Lake don't forget to feel the freshness of the water.

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