Pute River

Sungai Pute is taken from the Makassar language, pute means white. This river is the entrance gate of your trip to Rammang-Rammang because there is no road to get there. The river have a width approximately 4 meters and a depth approximately 2 meters.

During down the river you will amazed with an extraordinary view. The Karst Mountains on the right and left side make a beautiful natural painting, the blue of sky bring enlightens for your eyes, the magroves and trees will make Pute River become more natural. You will also see some karst stones in the middle of the river and a limestone tunnel make a uniqueness of this river.

To be able going to some destination in Rammang-Rammang you must be rent a boat provided by the local community. You can rent at Pier 1 located under the Pute bridge and Pier 2 located at the midpoint of pute river.

The cost of renting a boat for 1-4 people is approximately Rp 200,000 per boat (round trip), for 7 people is approximately Rp 250,000 per boat (round trip) and for 10 people is approximately Rp 300,000 per boat (round trip). Please prepare cash because the local community only accept cash payment.

By renting a boat, you will help the economy of the local community because the river as a livelihood of the local.

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