Berua Village

Kampung Berua or Berua Village is a icon of Rammang-Rammang. Thousands of years ago, Berua Village was a large lake in the middle of karst hills. There are many relics and archaeological evidence in Berua Village, one of which can be see from the cracks of the walls on the Karst Mountains and the side of rock on the hill that forms the flow of the gates of Berua Village.

The village is a surrounded by karst mountains and paddie fields. The house architecture in here is a very unique because they built house on stilts and only inhabited by 15-20 families.

The landscape is very extraordinary. The karst mountain and the green of paddie field will make the atmosphere very calm and make you don't wanna leave from here.

You can join and try the daily activities from the local (Berua Vilage community) like farming and raising fish in pond. You can also join and try the daily activities from the Berua Vilage community such as farming and raising fish in pond. You can learn the process how to plant and harvest the paddie. Participating in the daily activities of the Berua Village community is a valuable experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Following the daily activities of the local is an extraordinary experience.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of Berua Village at the night and have the experience to stay with the the local, you can rent room at local people house, we are recommendation you to stay at Daeng Beta's house. You will be welcome and considere like family by Daeng Beta.

In addition to offering his house to stay in, Daeng Beta also provide lunch for you. You should try and tatste the delicious traditional food of Kampung Berua which is will be cook from ingredients produced by the Daeng Beta family from farming and raising fish.

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